Live fish

We mainly breed stocking fish for ponds, public water courses and for other fish farms. We therefore ensure that our fish always enjoy optimum conditions in good health. We also offer free delivery of fish to you in a humane manner using our special vehicles. All of the species we breed can be supplied all the way from the egg to the adult fish. Always order eggs in good time.

Our fish grow in pure spring water and, when they are bigger, swim in mountain stream waters with only the finest food to eat. These are optimum conditions for breeding stocking fish and our fish are therefore an excellent basis for processed products.
For some ten years now we have been processing our fish on the spot, thus guaranteeing perfect freshness. We catch, fillet and smoke them: the delicate taste of our smoked products has delighted numerous customers. All that we make is produced by hand: we use pure sea salt, making our smoked specialties particularly mild in taste and easy to digest.

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