We can prepare fresh kitchen-ready trout and char for you daily and we will fillet and smoke the fish too. We can also supply all kinds of fresh sea fish. Call us or write to us for our prices and delivery terms.

Fresh sea fish delivered three times a week:
Salmon, plaice, pike-perch, various types and origins of prawn and scampi, halibut, turbot, clams, mussels, sea bass, cod, etc.

Rainbow trout
The trout is available all year round in sizes from 250 – 450 g. We also smoke the fish as classic warm-smoked trout fillets, normally vacuum-packed as two fillets with an average sale weight of 180 g. The fresh fillets weigh between 100 and 150 g.

Salmon trout
Salmon trout is available as a whole fish throughout the year in nearly all sizes between 400 and 3000 g. Fresh fillets weigh from 100 to 400 g. Our salmon trout fillets are warm-smoked in classic style then individually vacuum-packed. We also cold-smoke salmon trout, which is enjoying an increasing popularity.

We offer both Arctic char and brook trout in sizes from 300 g to approx. 2000 g. Fresh fillets are available from 100 g to 500 g: the fillets are also used for cold smoking, with our smoked fillets of Arctic char especially appreciated by high-class catering establishments.

We are generally flexible as regards sizes: special sizes can usually be provided on request.

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