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Fresh fish fillets

In the kitchen, preparation is essential. When you order from us, you receive fresh fish already filleted. This means you can be sure that only the finest pieces land on your plate – and you also save time. You can either pre-order our fresh fish fillets or visit us in person at our farm shop.

Arctic char fillet

Arctic char fillet, fresh every day and filleted by hand. Available in sizes from 100 to 400 grams. The delicate fillets melt on the tongue.

Arctic char fillet, large

Arctic char fillet, pink flesh. These fillets are available in sizes from 200 to approx. 400 grams. The fillets are freshly produced for you by hand. You’re sure to love them.

Trout fillet

Trout fillet, fresh every day and filleted by hand. Available in sizes from 100 to 200 grams. We would be delighted to take your order.

Salmon trout fillet

Salmon trout fillet – taken fresh from the spring water and filleted for you. It couldn’t be fresher. Ask for the size you want and we will fillet the fish by hand for you.

Salmon trout fillet large

Salmon trout fillet, large; wonderful and delicate flesh. Salmon trout fillets from 200 grams to approx. 500 grams. We would be delighted to give you information about currently available sizes.


Bass from Lake Victoria: lovely big skinless fillets from Lake Victoria.

Cod fillet

Cod, available as a fillet or loin (see photo) without bones.

Pike-perch fillet

Seabream fillet

Seabream fillet, fresh seabream fillet are available in a standard size of 100 – 150 grams. The fillets are normally from farmed fish but we are also able to prepare fillets from wild fish. Larger fillets are also available. Why not ask about our seabass fillets, too?


We offer plaice fillet either fresh or frozen. In the photo you can see our fresh plaice without skin. We can also offer you frozen plaice, or other sizes. We would be delighted to give you further information

Salmon steak and fillet

Salmon steak, fresh every day. We have fresh salmon steaks available daily (see photo) and fresh salmon fillets, already descaled and boneless.

Pangasius fillet

Pangasius fillet, available in different sizes, defrosted or frozen.

Stefan Schiefer

With our many years of expertise, it’s above all our acute instinct and experienced touch that make the difference.

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