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Saltwater fish and shellfish

Specially selected international partners make it possible for us to offer you fresh saltwater fish and a choice of shellfish every week. Our range includes crabs and prawns, clams and mussels as well as popular fish from the sea such as salmon, pike-perch, halibut, sea bass or cod.

Argentine gamberoni L1

Argentine prawns L1, available frozen or defrosted. We can also deliver smaller sizes. The frozen packaging sizes are 2 kg per box. Smaller sizes are also available.

Gamberoni without shell or intestine

Argentine prawns 20/40 frozen or defrosted. These prawns are already peeled and without intestine.

Argentine prawns C1

Argentine prawns C1, available fresh or frozen, these prawns are also available as C2 or smaller. Please ask and we would be delighted to give you further information.

Calamari rings

Calamari rings in brine are particularly tender. Calamari rings are also available frozen, defrosted or fresh. Just ask us – we would be delighted to give you further information.


Seppia, available in different sizes, defrosted and fresh. Ask us and we will prepare you an offer.


Octopus, defrosted, frozen and freshly available. Available in different sizes. Offering the highest quality is also important for us with this product. We would be delighted to give you information and make you an offer.


Tuna: why not find out about our very high-quality tuna.


Mussels, fresh from Italy or Spain, depending on the season. Scallops, oysters or razor clams are also available: we would be delighted to give you more information.

Clams, veraci, large

Clams, fresh vongole veraci, large, are included in our product range and available the whole year round in high quality.

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With our many years of expertise, it’s above all our acute instinct and experienced touch that make the difference.

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