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In addition to a range of other services, our main activity is breeding live fish for ponds, public water courses and other fish farms. Our fish receive high-quality food, are bred in alpine spring water and clean mountain streams, and are delivered in special vehicles that ensure their well-being. From the egg to adulthood, our fish are completely healthy and thoroughly well cared-for.

Our live fish services:
  • Free delivery of live and prepared fish
  • Hire of fish transport containers and oxygenators
  • Initial water analysis
  • Electro-fishing
  • Water advice and management
  • Sale and advice of fish feed
Salmo trutta marmoratus

Marbled trout

We only cultivate the autochthon (indigenous) fish of the Passer River for stocking in suitable waters. Spawn for breeding come from wild fish and are kept strictly separate according to their respective origin.
Salmo trutta fario

Brown trout

We breed brown trout – which can be recognised by its characteristic red dots – almost exclusively for stocking. Only selected specimens are used for breeding.
Oncorhynchus mykiss

Rainbow trout

The rainbow trout is our most important fish. It is suitable for fishing ponds with sufficient fresh water and is very popular as an edible fish .
Thymallus thymallus


The grayling species was only recently added to our range at Schiefer fish farm. For this species, we now breed from spawn from wild catches.
Salvelinus fontinalis

Brook trout

The undemanding and robust brook trout is a good stocking fish for alpine streams and particularly popular in local gastronomy as fillets.
Hucho hucho

Danube salmon

Danube salmon is a rare fish that primarily lives in fast-flowing and oxygen-rich rivers. It is regarded as an endangered species and is therefore very significant for the breeding sector.
Salvelinus alpinus

Arctic char fillet

The artic char fillet prefers cooler water and is very undemanding. The fish tastes delicious when lightly smoked and is also used in gourmet cuisine.

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